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Found a lot of useful information here.

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Sir i need the book "how to a research project a guide for undergraduate students".

Nov. 29, 2017


Dear Sir, I need the book of how to write & publish a scientific paper.How could i get this book.

Jul. 1, 2016

Dr. Fahmi Khan

Second edition: By Colin Robson

Written specifically to address the needs and concerns of the undergraduate, this tightly focused second edition guides students through the process of conducting and completing a research project. ... Google Books

Jun. 12, 2016

Dr Fahmi Khan

Fourth edition: By R. R. Baliga

A new, fully updated edition of Baliga’s very popular collection of short cases arranged by clinical area, emphasising the key diagnostic features of clinical conditions as commonly presented in the short-case part of the Final MB, ARAB BOARD and MRCP examinations.

Jun. 12, 2016

Dr. Fahmi Khan

First edition: By Wanis Hamad Ibrahim

This book is useful for the candidates preparing for various postgraduate exam using the short-case format such as MRCP, ARAB BOARD and FRCP.

Apr. 28, 2016

Dr. Fahmi Y. Khan

Eighth edition: By Barbra Gastle & Robert A. Day.

This witty and practical guide to organizing, writing, and submitting scientific research for publication in a scientific journal is designed to help researchers make excellent and fluent written papers.

Apr. 26, 2016

Dr. Fahmi Khan

Designing Clinical Research has been extensively revised and continues to set the standard as a practical guide for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals involved in all forms of clinical, translational, and public health research.
It presents advanced epidemiologic concepts in a reader-friendly way, and suggests common sense approaches to the challenging judgments involved in designing, funding, and implementing.

Apr. 25, 2016

Dr. Ahmed

Contains sets of OSCE circuits consisting of multiple clinical scenarios. Text reflective of current exam scenarios. Guides the reader through history taking, identifying clinical signs, data interpretation and clinical therapeutics.

Apr. 20, 2016

Dr. Nabeel

Clinical Ethics teaches healthcare providers how to effectively identify, evaluate, and resolve ethical issues in clinical medicine. Using the author acclaimed “Four Box Method” and numerous illustrative case examples, this book enables practitioners to
gain a better understanding of the complexities involved in ethical cases and demonstrates how to reach resolution to ethical problems.

Apr. 20, 2016

Dr. Lutfi

Presenting a comprehensive introduction to statistics covering topics of biostatistics and quantitative methods applied to medicine, clinical practice, and research, this guide helps readers become informed users and consumers of statistics.

Mar. 30, 2016

Dr.A.Haleem A.Elhiday

This book provides a detailed and comprehensive curriculum in evidence based medicine - indeed, in evidence-based health care- for students and postgraduates.